O-I Glass #PlasticFreeDiet Campaign

O-I Glass is one of the leading glass container manufacturers in the world, with products appearing in most major food retailers across the US. Their glass containers house many of the food products we use on a daily basis, including staple items such as peanut butter, baby food, ketchup and more.

We had the opportunity to partner with O-I on their sustainability focused campaign, the #PlasticFreeDiet, bringing awareness to the health benefits of packaging with glass. We were truly sobered learning how much plastic is leached into the food we consume on a daily basis! 

Shown are a series of stop-motion videos and still images we produced, art directed and styled to promote the switch to glass across social media channels. The project includes still images featuring their most popular glass styles, 15 sec  awareness and promotion videos, and 5 sec cut-downs of each. 


Client: O-I Glass
Agency: Vayner Media
Photography: Ian Shiver
Food Stylist: Molly Corrigan
Image Retouching: Monarc New York
Video Post-Production: Party of One Studio, PS379 Studio
Music: PS379 Studio
Hand Models: Tafarii McKenzie, Dylan Vail

Awareness Videos

#PlasticFreeDiet Videos

Behind the Scenes