Eater "On The Road" Feature

Eater asked five writers to drive across the country and reflect on the food, surroundings and circumstances that brought them there. In turn, we created 5 photographic illustrations that serve as visual postcards, incorporating souvenirs (and of course, food) from each story.

The brilliant essays by John Birdsall, Gustavo Arellano, Rachel Khong, Bijan Stephen and Rahawa Haile documenting their road trip and culinary journey can be found on Eater's website.


Editor: Meghan McCarron
Art Direction: Nicole Licht
Food Styling: Party of One Studio
Props: Party of One Studio
Photography: Party of One Studio

Florida themed illustration for Where Can We Find Queer Space After Pulse? by John Birdsall

Beacons of carb-heavy food for On the Appalachian Trail, Nothing Tastes the Same, by Rahawa Haile

Searching through the fog for the best oyster for The Great Pacific Oyster Trail, by Rachel Khong

Fried homecoming mum for Fear of The Future in Texas, by Bijan Stephen

A Southwestern food extravaganza for Driving The Mexican Mother Road, by Gustavo Arellano