The Business of Breathing

Damn Joan is a modern online publication with an irreverent attitude and visually driven journalism, developing new thematic content every month.

For their Madness issue, we were asked to visualize an article about ‘breathing therapy’ crazes, following author Kelly Conaboy’s experience trying four of the latest trends. From tech and drug related solutions, to water ‘rebirths’ and aspirational (but very Instagrammable) breathing treatments, we created a set of tactile lungs that take the journey through each experience. Read the full article here.

These lungs took us multiple tries to get right and ended up being a combination of tissue paper, tulle, watercolor, plastic tubing, raw silk, and dollar store Xmas decorations with the glitter scraped off :)


Client: Damn Joan
Editor-in-Chief: Mikki Halpin
Design Director: Lynda Lucas
Producer: Lauren Teng
Author: Kelly Conaboy
Art Direction: Party of One Studio
Photography: Party of One Studio
Styling: Party of One Studio
Prop Design: Party of One Studio

Hero image

App/Tech solutions

Drug-induced therapy

Spa (and highly aspirational) treatments

Water ‘rebirth’ therapy